Monday, March 19, 2012

Do a Meatless Monday and Giveaway Winner

First things, first.  The winner of the giveaway is a wonderful gal from South Carolina, Ann Minard.   She has her own Italian food based blog, La Buona Cucina.   She is true to her heritage, cooking classic and authentic Italian food.  Check it out!  Thanks to those who participated.  Ann came up with the title,  Poco Questo, Poco Che which means "a little this, a little that" which seems appropriate for the way alot of my meals come together.

Today, I'm doing a "picture post" of some of the meatless meals I've had from time to time.  I usually try to reduce the meat we eat, and with prices climbing higher and higher, meatless will be a good thing!  So, sit back and enjoy or be inspired, hopefully to "delete the meat".

Meatless chili

Spring bean penne pasta

Pasta fagioli

Healthy frittata

Veggie couscous

Roasted eggplant chip and dip

Sundried tomato farfalle

Lentils and vegetable


  1. See it easy, tasty and good for you!

  2. Grazie Wendy, you have inspired me as I tend to stick to the classics.

  3. can you direct me to that frittata recipe?

    1. Ann, If you go to the right under "recipes", click on eggs and it should be the 5th from the top, I think. I should have linked some of these, huh?