Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Special Seafood Risotto

What makes this recipe/meal so special?  I wasn't the one hovered over the stove top!  My "guest post" of the week was none other than my son and his girlfriend, Leilani!  For some reason they wanted to come over and cook dinner for us a few Sundays ago.  I'm not one to say no to this.  Any one is allowed in my  kitchen, especially them!  And especially when seafood risotto was on the menu.  One of my favorites (I have so many) is seafood and my hubby's is rice, so risotto would be a real treat!

Unfortunately, for you, I didn't get the exact recipe but It came from Leilani's whimsical like cookbook called Kitchen Scraps by Pierre Lamielle, who is an illustrator/cook.

I have to say most of the preparation (99%) of this seafood risotto was done by Leilani, and it was wonderful!  What I liked about this recipe is that it had virtually no cheese!  It also had anchovies for the base, which I had never worked with. (because they received a bad rap at one point in my life)

The risotto was creamy and flavorful with a hint of the sea and lemon.  Just perfect!  It was filled with cod, scallops and prawns!   We enjoyed this meal immensely and Leilani, you are welcome anytime to grace my kitchen!  Thank you for the lovely dinner.

Leilani and Jeremy, chefs of the day!

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