Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ring in the New Year!!

I was reminded yesterday that there's only 347 days until Christmas!  What was my reply?  Let's sock away money for a Christmas vacation next year.  Rome, Prague, or sunny Mexico, Belize?  While this past Christmas was certainly a blessing in many ways, there's just something very appealing about celebrating in a different country, learning about new customs, etc.   Maybe it's the simplicity of it all.  Maybe, it's great to be on a beach as it's dumping snow back home!  (That sounds likely.)

I yearn for the simplicity of Christmas.  No shopping or presents.  Decorating is fun but I don't go "over the top".  The only area where I may splurge is in the meal preparation and the baking scene!  To me it's a labor of love, and I enjoy creating something sumptuous for my family.  This year was no different.  So, now, on to the New Year!

This is the time I start to list my goals, aspirations, dreams, and ideas, no matter how lofty they may sound.  I get them down on paper, for myself, alone, to view.  Last year I achieved several goals and dreams.  Some of those were education based as I completed classes on culinary sanitation (exciting stuff!), real estate law (You never know when I'll be able to use that), Introduction to Wordpress (a new website and blog in the works), drawing (a waste of time, for me.  I have no talent in this area)  and finally "write and publish a non-fiction book".   (most beneficial)

Another "ongoing" goal is to conquer the "battle of the bulge".   I'm learning what "works for me" to achieve and maintain weight loss goals.  Enough on that subject!

Travel is ALWAYS  included in my dreams and goals!  For me, it's the stimulus for many achievements to follow.  Yes, I do have a plan!  Travel is my passion.  "Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind" - Seneca.  This past year I was able to meet up with a fellow San Pedro gal in, of all places, Loreto, Mexico.  I met her for the first time after following her blog called, "Sue's Life in Balance".  We had so much in common it was creepy!  It was a joy to meet her at her lovely home in the Baja.


Any ideas of travel during the Summer months was "put on the backburner' because of our beautiful kitchen remodel.  Pricey, but priceless after completion.  We picked up the travel pace with a brief and balmy trip to the Big Island of Hawaii!  Such beauty, and a great way to de-stress before the Holidays begin!

Our Big Island view

Of course, my biggest joy is my family.  I aspire to make each year their best, sometimes falling short, but always looking for ways to make their time on this Earth a pleasant one.  Thanks to all my friends, family and readers during 2011.  My hope is for everyone to experience the best life has to offer in the coming year of 2012.  I know it will be a great one!  Cheers and God Bless you all!


  1. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family Wendy!

  2. Thanks, Katerina..Hope all is well with you and your family..Happy New year to you!