Monday, January 9, 2012

Beef With Orzo Soup

Are you ready for more Winter comfort food?    I don't usually eat an abundance of beef, but I wasn't going to let the leftovers go to waste, especially when it's prime rib!  After a day or so of prime rib sandwiches I decided to throw the rest of the meat into a hearty soup.  This beefy orzo soup will be made again and again, it was so good!

You can probably get away with a less expensive cut of roast meat.  I'll try it next time and let you know.

Serves 4

2 Tbsp olive oil

2 carrots, sliced

2 celery ribs, roughly diced

1 shallot, sliced

3 sprigs of fresh thyme

1 bay leaf

4 cups beef broth or stock (I used fat free, organic)

1 cup water

2 cups roast meat (mine was precooked)

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup orzo (before cooking)

In a large pot, begin to heat the oil, throwing in the carrots, celery, shallots, thyme and bay leaf.  Cook for about 10 minutes.  Add the broth, water, meat, salt, bringing to a boil while stirring.  Cover, turn the heat down to low and simmer for 30-35 minutes.  Turn the heat up again to almost boiling and add the orzo.  Cook together for another 10 minutes or until the orzo is done.

Just add broth, water and orzo to this. 
 You can serve immediately or refrigerate for later use and reheat.  Very comforting on a cold snowy day!  Now we just need some  snow!

NOTE:  No picture of the completed dish.  I guess we were hungry that night!  Also, the above picture was our only snow storm back on November 3rd.  We are overdue!

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