Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Years ago, when I was a working woman, I would rush out of the house, baby boy in tow and make a mad, sad dash to drop him off at the baby sitter's house.  I proceeded to drive on to "the job", most of the time in tears, because I had to leave him, not even giving a thought to breakfast, the most important meal of the day.  Some days, I'd have time for a piece of toast, or cereal but most of the time I'd grab another cup of coffee and wait until lunch.

Lunch was usually leftovers, which is not a bad thing.  We saved money as a couple, that way.  What a concept!  As the years passed and our bodies changed, my husband and I became more health conscious.  We always started our day with a good breakfast.  Weekends, at least Sunday, when I had a day off, I'd make a special meal.  French toast, pancakes or eggs!

Lately, however, my breakfast of champions has been severely lacking in flavor but amazingly enough, I don't get hungry until hours after.  The secret...egg whites!  So, by consuming almost 55 days worth of egg white breakfasts with a small portion of fruit, I've dropped 21 lbs!  I have to admit, I miss my oatmeal! 

Now it's maintenance time for a month or two.  Getting through the holidays will be a challenge because I love to cook and bake this time of year.  We will see how it goes!  In the meantime here is a couple pictures of breakfasts...what else?

Apricot Pancakes

Lavender Pancakes

Breakfast out - a rare treat!

Same restaurant - Sunrise cafe

Wonderful Mother's day!

Breakfast in Loreto, Mexico

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  1. Breakfast food is just so delicious and comforting, I can have it anytime of day, Great photos!