Saturday, July 24, 2010


As I write this it is inching towards 100 degrees. There will be no barbecuing or turning the oven on for tonight's meal. My husband and I have this agreement that if it turns 100, we should have a banana split for dinner! That almost makes the heat bearable! We never follow through but I love the idea..

Instead, I'll be fixing linguine with clam sauce on the stove top. This dish is actually very simple and does not have many ingredients to fuss over. I have made it many times but over the years the fat content has changed; not so much butter! The original recipe came from my dad. He's a great cook and still prepares dinner for my mother whether she's hungry or not! She does the dishes so they are a great team. They are in their early 80's. God Bless them!

The recipe to follow.

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