Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sentimental Lemon Chiffon Pie

Today will be one of many tributes to my Grandma McLaughlin. I spent some precious time with her in my youth, not because I was a latch-key kid but because I enjoyed her company. She taught me many things like giving myself the proper French manicure for one. I was fortunate to learn a few French phrases from her, too. One thing she didn't teach me, though, was how to make her Lemon Chiffon pie! So, I've been rummaging through books and websites for a substitute.

For my birthday it was 99+ degrees! I made my own birthday pie! What I didn't know was that my wonderful son would show up with some beautiful flowers and a tiramisu cake! Needless to say, the pie went directly into the freezer for a later occasion. I think tiramisu is one of those things they'll have in heaven along with ice cream.

This lemon chiffon pie is more like an ice cream. Even though it's refreshing with frosty chunks of lemon curd, I'll continue the search for my grandma's authentic creamy lemon chiffon pie!

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