Sunday, June 26, 2016

#4 Hiking Around Reno/Tahoe

AN ATTEMPT AT MT ROSE SUMMIT One of the highest mountain peaks in the area for hiking is Mt. Rose.  With an elevation of 10,776 it's definitely on the bucket list and the "big daddy" of accomplishment in this area.  The hike is roughly 9.6 miles total up and back.  About halfway there, Galena Falls tumbles down granite slopes, or so I've been told.  We made the attempt a few weeks ago, but after a mile or so, we were trudging (slipping and sliding) in snow.  Back down the trail we went only to pursue it another day!

Even the Tahoe Meadows were snowy and too muddy!  What's a hikeaholic to do?  Find another trail to walk/climb.  I'm not sure if we found an actual trail.  it looked like a service road used by the power company, but it would do, maybe?  We climbed this for awhile and stopped for a picnic lunch, once again in the snow.  As we began our return to our car we noticed some suspicious foot prints crossing the "trail".  I remember researching an article about what type of animals we could encounter accompanied by pictures of  their footprints.  Not from a bear; that's good.  But, not a rabbit or domestic dog either!  Hmm....looks like mountain lion!  

After that I spent most of my hike in hyper vigilance wishing I had eyes in the back of my head.  It was a bit unsettling!  We put in the miles (not really enough that day) but, the views around Lake Tahoe are so majestic....I never get enough!

View within a mile of trailhead

Snow covered trail already!

Elevation over 9000ft

Lake Tamarack over the ridge

Not much into selfies, but I needed proof I was there!

Assuming this was a trail.  There is a lone bicycle track.

Always looking for the view!

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