Friday, June 10, 2016

Hiking Around Reno/Tahoe #2

#2 Whitescreek Trailhead to Dry Pond

On our last hike to Church's Pond area we met a gal who suggested another jaunt up the adjacent mountain called Whites Creek loop with an optional cut-off to Dry Pond.  It wasn't supposed to be as strenuous or long.  I'm game.  So, again we packed a lunch, lots of water and set off on another hike.

We had hiked (more like a walk in the forest) this trail before which meanders next to the creek for about the first mile.  The upper portion, after approximately 1.1 miles, continues to the top and connects to Jones creek and Church's pond cut-off.  No thanks, I'll pass!  We decided to try the way to Dry Pond which was around 5 miles round trip.  How bad could it be?

Once you get to the bridge that crosses the creek,  you begin the ascent and encounter a few switchbacks until you reach the summit where the views are breathtaking.  The trail is narrow so you need to watch out for mountain bikers.   This time of year the wildflowers dot the landscape....lupines and Indian paintbrushes....beautiful!

We reached our destination without incident, enjoyed our lunch, relaxed a bit and began our descent.  Going down can be a little treacherous with all the loose gravel covering the trail, slip and slide time!  I would repeat this trail.  For me, it was the right amount of uphill.  (I didn't feel as if I was going to croak!)  Instead of going back the same way, you could continue the "loop" which leads to the adjacent creek, Thomas creek, but then you would need to backtrack to where you parked your car. 

I think I'm getting acclimated to higher altitude and uphill climbs.  We'll see...stay tuned for the next BIG HIKE!

Pictures never do the actual beauty justice.

On the narrow trail

At Dry Pond

Views towards Washoe Valley 

Majestic views

Whitescreek faux fishing

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