Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#5 Hiking Around Reno/Tahoe


What a difference hiking shoes make?  No more smashing toes as I head down the trail!  I "tested" them out on the way to Dry Pond via the Thomas Creek trail recently.   We set out on a crisp cool morning on a trail off Timberline Road.  The trail runs parallel to the Whites Creek trail which also ends up at Dry Pond completing a loop.

If ever there was a "perfect hike", this would be it.  The weather was mild, the trail was a nice blend of strenuous climbing in spots, but mostly shaded, an easy meandering trail with many switchbacks.  It begins hugging the creek with plenty of places for an impromptu picnic.  In some spots it looks like something from the Shire with dried cave-like looking reeds.  Along the length of creek is an occasional mini waterfall, wildflowers including edible wild garlic.  It's easy to see why there could be deer, bear and mountain lions in this habitat.  Wildlife smorgasbord.  I just don't want to be their main entree!

At mile marker approximately 1.5 miles the trails says goodbye to the water and rises back and forth until you reach the summit or Dry Pond area.  Grab a seat on a downed log, relax, have lunch and take in the beauty.  There's plenty of it!  You can continue the loop back or just turn around and retrace your steps, which is what we did.

We will definitely walk this trail again.   I can't wait to return in the Fall, should be ablaze with color this year!

Lion, cougars and bears, oh my!

Cool pools

View of Truckee meadows from one of many switchbacks.

The summit - Dry Pond

Photo op

I know he wants to put his feet in the water!

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