Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nine Batches of Biscotti and a Wedding

These past two weeks have come and gone, like a whirlwind.  My son, Jeremy,  married the "love of his life", Leilani in a gorgeous mountain setting during an early morning ceremony.  It was followed by a sumptuous brunch, mimosa's and all.  Then that evening the party continued with music and dancing!  And yes, we wanted to be a part of it all!

One of my "jobs" as the mother of the groom was to make enough biscotti for about 100+ attendees.  So, I set up shop (my kitchen) and proceeded to make 4 batches the first day, 4 batches the next and one more for good measure on the last baking day, totaling between 360-400.    I baked chocolate ginger, chocolate chocolate chip espresso, traditional anise, blueberry chocolate chip and lastly, my favorite, white chocolate macadamia biscotti!

biscotti assembly line

At the beginning of wedding week, hubby and I celebrated our 39th anniversary at one of the best Italian restaurants in Reno. Yum....more about that in a future "review" post.  No recipes today....still in rest and relaxation mode.  To be continued......


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