Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer and Record Breaking Heat!

I do believe it's time to install some air conditioning!  Summer is in full swing and we've survived anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and a remodel all within the last month!  The heat around these parts has steadily climbed to record temperatures hovering at or near 105 degrees. 

Temperature around 7PM

 I'm melting!  But, when you can't do much about the weather you adapt and make the best of it by heading to beautiful Lake Tahoe, the jewel of the Sierras.  Fortunately, we are just minutes away so we can escape the sweltering heat and cool off.

The other night that's exactly what we did.  Packed a quick meal of sandwiches, fruit salad, hummus, and wine to "wash it down".  As most beach goers were leaving for the day, we arrived to an almost secluded beach.  I guess the secret's out now!  

Dinner Picnic on the beach

For those who actually read this blog, thanks for following along.  I admit I've slacked off in the kitchen lately.  It doesn't mean I don't eat, however.  

One of my birthday dinner desserts.  Four people shared this fruit creme tart after a HUGE seafood salad loaded with shrimp, crab and lobster!!

My birthday morning breakfast on the patio...blueberry scone, fresh berries from my garden, (the ones the birds didn't get) and a zucchini blossom with goat cheese egg white omelet.....yum!  Merci beaucoup, Wendy!

So, in the next coming weeks, you may notice that I'll be developing some meatless meals as I continue my trek to better health and a more vegetarian life.  Hubby may need to frequent the nearest burger joint because this will be a "burger free zone"!  Tune in for ideas on food that is good for you but also tastes good, hopefully!  I'll keep you posted.....

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