Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch - Nutella Banana Crepes

Today, I find myself wishing for more of these special Mother's Day crepes!  My awesome son and his lovely bride-to-be arrived at grandma's house with bags full of strawberries, bananas, and all the fixings for an extraordinary brunch!  A jar of nutella was plucked from one of the bags and, right then, I knew this was going to be great!  Chocolate hazelnut spread..brilliant invention!   On our tour of Italy, nutella was at every breakfast counter and I made sure I grabbed a few.   Nutella to Italians is like ketchup packets are to some Americans, except this one.

Jeremy and Leilani, the "Iron Chefs of Reno" are amazing to watch as they mix, and  swirl batter onto a commercial crepe maker, producing perfectly round crepes.  They are always so organized and very at ease in the kitchen.  We even received instructions and a mini tutorial  on how to fill and fold.

First you fold and slather nutella in the middle!

Additionally, they had prepared, bacon wrapped stuffed dates with blue cheese and jalapenos.  I'll be making this in the future...outstanding!  Thanks so much for another memorable Mother's Day, Jeremy and Leilani...I am truly blessed to have them in my life!