Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Trip to "Ground Zero" for the End of the World

No, the world didn't end, but I had to get that revelation and reassurance from the Mayans themselves.  When asked, they just smiled.  Everywhere we went while vacationing on the Riviera Maya this past week, we saw no signs of doomsday preparation.  So, the only thing left to do was enjoy ourselves and that's exactly what we did.

We stayed at The Royal in Playa del Carmen, an adult all-inclusive property about 45 minutes south of Cancun.  Our accommodations, room choice, beach, food and location were top notch.  Most early mornings we began the day with a walk down the beach and a swim/snorkel in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, followed by a breakfast plate brimming with fresh fruit, melons, figs, pineapple, papaya and, of course, coffee.

Most days we lounged on the beach allowing our favorite beach "butlers", Celia and Andrea, to  bring us water, mojitos, get the picture.  Mid-day we wandered over to the beach restaurants for a spectacular lunch served by the MOST gracious and happy employees in the world!  

As the days crept by, (actually they flew by) we had visions of liquidating our possessions and re-locating to this land of the Mayans.  Sometimes it's so very tempting!  Perhaps, someday!

Here's a few pictures for this overview.  More to come on food and excursions.  Feliz Navidad!

Royal water

Ahh...mojito time!

Lunch appetizers

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