Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Glimpse of Christmas Past

Ah, Christmas is over!  The house is almost straightened up after Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day celebration with the family.  I really don't know why I stress so much about getting everything done and so perfectly every year.  The time is going to pass no matter what gets done.  And, when it got right down to the wire (putting dinner on the table) everyone pitched in whether it was dressing and plating the salad, mashing the potatoes, stirring the gravy or slicing the prime rib.

My family is awesome, and I love those moments when we can be together and work seamlessly together.  I thank them all for coming to our home, enduring the snowy roads to get here.  A few family members moved away this were missed. But, we gained Mr Nacho, who supplied some moments of laughter, as he pranced around in his Santa outfit and sombrero.

For our meal I made garlic and horseradish crusted prime rib, Yukon gold/garlic thyme mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms with pine nuts, butter lettuce with spinach and arugula salad with marmalade dressing and Parmesan crisp embellishment.  Grandma brought her homemade pumpkin pie and fudge, yum!  I made appetizers but forgot to take a picture, so  I'll need to prepare them again, puff pastry bites with cream cheese, cranberries and roasted red pepper. 

I hope everyone went home with a full belly but, more importantly a fullness in their hearts filled with joy and love that we have a beautiful life we are thankful for.  I am!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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