Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Eggs and No Ham

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!  I couldn't let the day pass without honoring part of my heritage, the Irish.  I've never been one to participate in the drinking of green beer or wanting to wear that color.  The truth is, I don't look good in green at all!  So, growing up I'd dig deep into my drawers to find anything with the slightest shade of green.  Most of the time I'd have to settle for green underwear!

After I had my son I found ways to honor the small part of Irish in him.   I'd attempt to make it fun for him and he'd eat almost anything except mushrooms!   He was not a picky eater!   Usually for breakfast, I'd get the green food coloring out and mix it in just about anything edible.  We'd have green pancakes,  green oatmeal and, of course, green eggs, no ham!  As for corned beef, I'm not a fan.  But, I can stand it once a year!  Actually, a nice Reuben sandwich sounds good....on a warm crusty roll with a brown mustard!  Yum.

One day when my son was in high school, I arrived home to find he and his friend had made a green baklava!  Although the sight of it (color) was unsettling, it tasted incredible!   J. D. can cook!   And the kitchen was a little messy, too, but all I could do was smile as I realized he would be the one to carry on the tradition of the St. Patrick's day green food for his family some day.

Yes, I ate those green eggs, no ham
I mixed them with spinach,
happy I am...
You can try them with cheese
if you please...
Gobble them quickly as they aren't good leftover
Then go out and make a wish with your four leaf clover!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

(Sorry, I got carried away!)


Happy St. Patrick's day!  I chose to go into the "archives" and re-post a piece from a few years back. back soon with NEW recipes.

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