Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best of Loreto Food (In my Opinion) - Part III

After much thought and the devouring of many entrees (someone had to do it), the winner goes to....There were no clear winners in the food category
 during our recent trip to Loreto so, in all fairness,  I developed a "best of" list. I had to keep reminding myself that we were not at a five star resort property or "in Kansas anymore".  Loreto is still, in my opinion, a quaint sleepy laid back fishing village with a disproportionate amount of eating establishments.  Lucky for us!

BEST BREAKFAST - Islas Loreto   We ate there several times.  It was close to our hotel.  We could slither out of bed and wander across the street for some great coffee and huevos rancheros or an avocado cheese omelet.  The service was good and the decor was bright, colorful and clean.

Avocado Cheese Omelet

BEST MARGARITA - El Bohemia   Tomas made the best and strongest margarita by far, or at least, compared to most of the other places we sampled. 

BEST ENTERTAINMENT -  This was at a restaurant called Mita Gourmet.  There was a young gentleman who could play his guitar as the patrons waited (and waited) for their meal.   The food (for us) was average and high priced...sorry guys!  The entertainment was superb!

BEST FOOD FOR THE $$$ WITH AMBIANCE -  El Papaguayo Cantando   Tomas recommended this place because his good friend, Juanito, was a waiter there.  He said Juanito would "take care" of us, and he did!   We wanted to try an assortment of flavors so we chose from their tapas menu.  He kept bringing us more and more food...very good food.  We started with a seafood tostada, a banana cheese relleno (interesting, I'll be trying this at home), a burrito, a spinach quesadilla  and finished with the chocolate clams!  We had to try those!!   Then  I attempted to sleep with all that in my belly!  Not a restful night, but I'm a glutton for punishment as we returned a few nights later.  I chose a small Italian roasted pepper and goat cheese pannini...Good choice, not as filling.  The decor was inviting,  and serene, especially at night .  The tables are arranged so that you're  in your own "garden room" colorfully lit and seemingly private.   Very nice.
Seafood Tostada

Cheesy Banana Relleno

Spinach Quesadillas

Burrito Tapas

BEST FOOD WITH A WATER  VIEW -  Mediterraneo   This restaurant is on the malecon (main street) right across from the Sea of Cortez which gave us a panoramic view.  Our waiter, Julio, was very attentive, friendly and quick.  I guess it helped that we were the only ones there.  I sure hope they can attract more restaurant goers.  They need to stay open.  The food was good, with an abundance of  seafood entrees.

Shrimp and scallop stuffed relleno

Of course, I still say our BEST DINING EXPERIENCE goes to the Tom and Sue's Tower Bistro!  The owners are friendly and the tortilla soup is the best in Loreto (and probably the surrounding areas)  Thanks again!

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  1. I can't believe you beat us to Papaguayo's. We finally ate there last week and it was great and in a beautiful garden setting. They are owned by Mediterraneo(Julio is so sweet, we always waits on us). Tonight we are eating at the new restaurant at the golf course...within walking distance from our casa. Too many food choices in this pequeno town! Thanks for voting us as the best experience! Sue