Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm on the Wine and Ice Cream Eating Plan

Okay, so I've officially tried just about every diet plan on Earth.  Since I'm now unofficially a nutrition expert and I use that term lightly, I've developed an eating plan that will allow me to lose extremely unwanted poundage while enjoying two of my favorite food groups!  Wine and ice cream!!  You know ice cream had to be included since my son opened his unique  ice cream venture.  I have declared myself the "quality control"  person, which REQUIRES me to taste every flavor!   I excel at this "job".

In a bit over one month I've managed to lose a solid 7 lbs.  Had I been more strict, cut out the ice cream, I probably could have shed more.  Who wants to live like that?  Not this girl!  Basically, I'm a vegetarian who will eat fish, no red meat or chicken, no butter, minimal olive oil.  I saute veggies in broth instead.  My snacks are half a plain bagel with fruit spread, pretzels, veggie chips, my wasabi rice chips from Whole Foods, fruits and veggies.   Luckily I like beans, couscous, farro, barley and brown rice.  You knew there had to be a catch.  MUST eat beans, especially for the protein.  

I don't feel deprived or hungry.  If I want a glass of red wine or a scoop of ice cream, I won't hesitate.  You're probably thinking I spend hours in the gym!  Bite your tongue!  I frankly get claustrophobic at a gym so I opt for walking and hiking.  If I don't feel like walking I still force myself out the door to go around the block, at least.  I'm done beating myself up!   That's it in a nutshell!  You may have noticed I've been scarce on this blog, now you know.  Here's what's been on the menu!

smoked salmon home made pizza with arugula

loads of beans, lentils and veggies

zucchini spice cookies...I haven't made these in a while but allowed

multi grain waffles with blueberry compote
Don't forget the ice cream and wine!

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