Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 - A Year in Review - Part Two

The last six months of 2013 were joyous, tumultuous, with dreams coming true and dreams that turned into nightmares.  Let me explain.   As July approached my life was picture perfect.  We finished our remodel on time (just in time), celebrated our 39th anniversary and prepared for the upcoming wedding of my only son to his lovely wife, Leilani.  Some time was spent making batches and batches of assorted biscotti for the morning of the wedding
biscotti making day

The couple who plays together, stays together!

The wedding and after party finished up and the newlyweds went on their honeymoon without a hitch.  The weather in these parts is always scorching around my birthday so off to Lake Tahoe we went, although not as frequently as we should.  It's so close!  

My Love and Lake Tahoe

With so much pain and tragedy in the world I was feeling blessed that my life was beautiful and serene, never realizing that a train was fast approaching head-on.  The last week in July my brother decided to leave this world and for those left behind, our world turned sideways.  I think about you every day, Dave....R.I.P.  Life as we now know it continues to be "interesting".

August and September were a blur.  If I hadn't taken so many pictures, I probably wouldn't be able to recall what I did during that time.  We spent time with family, took my parents to the rib cook off, was able to see Steely Dan in concert and my hubby's brother came up to play with his band "Soul to Soul", a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute band.  He rocked it!

Steely Dan - great show!

"Stevie Ray"  rockin it

During this time we welcomed a little bundle of cuteness to the family.  CJ, brother of Nacho!

CJ.......pretty cute!

Then we celebrated a birthday in Paris!  How does hubby get so lucky?  Yes, our trip to France was a lifetime dream of mine, but I only got a "taste" and need to return!

Paris...Notre Dame

French girl on the river Seine across from Notre Dame

November, of course, was Thanksgiving.  Grandma's pumpkin pie, grandpa's stuffing and gratitude for the blessings we continue to receive.

December brought Christmas, and a surprise visit from my sister.  I wish she lived closer...  Grandma DeMarzo finally received a pacemaker and her health is improving!  So, things are looking up and life is truly like a box of chocolates!  You don't know what you're gonna get!   2013 will go into the history books as one of the best and one of the worst!  Ahhh  life.....  I wonder what's in store for 2014!!

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