Sunday, October 27, 2013

We'll Always Have Paris - Part One - An Overview

Why is it that every time we take a vacation it goes by in warp speed? Just when I'm beginning to appreciate the food, history, people and the beauty of France, Father time jerks me back to reality and plops me back into an airplane seat for another 10+ hours on my return trip home.  Yes, it goes by that quickly.  Enjoy all the moments and take hundreds of pictures, which I did!

I have so many favorite moments during this trip.  I also have many regrets of not seeing certain areas, monuments and historical places.  Perhaps another trip will be in the future...I would like to think so.  For the most part, the food was exceptional, the pastries divine and the sweet smell of freshly baked breads from the boulangerie in EVERY village could gently lure me in.

We spent only 2+ days in Paris so you have to hit the ground running if you want to see the sites.  We "mastered" the Paris metro and glided our way to the mountaintop of Montmartre with its Bohemian style village, creperies and the Sacre Coeur, (Sacred Heart church).  We got lost several times but around every corner was usually a pleasant surprise.  We dined and wined, walked and sipped cafe while nibbling on a croissant or chocolate pain.

We also made plans (reservations weren't accepted) to sail down the Seine River towards the Eiffel Tower at night all lit up, BUT the boat NEVER showed up...upset?  very!!!  Oh well....C'est la vie or such is life!

The morning before we left Paris for the South of France, we eagerly ran to the Luxembourg Gardens since it was only 3 blocks away, a must see with the sun streaming through the manicured trees and ornate gardens lining the great palace.

Because I snapped soooo many pictures it may take a while to load them but here's a few from my smaller camera.  This was a "petit" portion of our Paris leg of the trip.

Notre Dame - Paris

Notre Dame - side view, massive

Several flights of stairs to the top of Montmartre.  Note to self, tram ride a few blocks over!

Sacre Coeur

Streets of Montmartre - many creperies and cafes

Very quaint around every corner

Stay tuned for more Paris and the French countryside.

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