Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's for Valentine's Day?

The jury is still out...I'm undecided on what to prepare for Valentine's day.  I pondered over meals from the past celebrations to get a few ideas.  Last year I prepared veal cutlets, orzo and asparagus, really nothing special.  But, the over the top creation was my "Kiss of Provence" cocktail with lavender and lemon flavors!

Two years ago, I prepared fillet mignon topped with prawns and a butterscotch mini bundt cake for dessert.  This year I'm at a loss for inspiration, believe it or not.  I'm leaning towards a seafood homemade pasta dish with a simple dessert.  I know, some of you are thinking, "Wait a minute.  Aren't you supposed to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day?"  Well, we've done that in the past and usually it's not a pleasant experience.  The service is never attentive because most good restaurants overbook on this day.  Chances of your food being cold are great.  And, last but not least, the ambiance is usually not as romantic as you can create at home.

With that said, why not create some tasty finger food items and feed them to each other.  Maybe these marzipan tartlettes could be included.  Marzipan is pretty much a thick almond paste.

Marzipan Tartlettes

1 ready made pie crust, or you can make your own

8 oz of marzipan paste

1 egg, beaten

I used my round ravioli cutter to get the shape.  Roll out the dough.  Starting at one end, place a teaspoon of the marzipan on the dough and fold the end over so it's covered.  Use the ravioli cutter to cut and seal at the same time.  Move on to the next.  Make as many as you can from the dough.  Bundle the leftover dough back into a ball and roll out to make more.  I did this a few times to use up the dough and marzipan.  Place each tartlette onto a parchment covered sheet pan.  Brush with egg and bake.  350 degrees until nicely browned.  Cool completely.  These are better the next day.  Just pop them into your lover's mouth!  Happy Valentine's Day whatever you decide to do or make!

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