Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review - 2012 Part Two

Here is the second installment of my year in review for 2012.  I take MANY pictures, but sometimes all those special events don't get captured as they should.  This compilation is a small snippet of what went on in my world month by month.  Enjoy....I did.

July is always a busy month with anniversaries, birthdays and other events.  This year was no different!  I admit I was a little green with envy when I saw my son and Leilani off for a trip back home to Kauai, but also thankful and excited for them to experience such a beautiful island together with Leilani's family.

 We celebrated a "big" birthday in Half Moon Bay.'s not Kauai but we had a great time relaxing, walking/hiking the cliffs above the beach and eating some fabulous seafood.

 In August we celebrated my son's 35th birthday.  Congratulations!!  How can that be?  I don't think I'm past my 40's!!

 August is also a great month to work play in my garden as I start to see the fruits of my labor after watering, weeding and chasing the critters away!

September brought a new addition to the family and I think my finicky  aunt kitty approves.  They are the best of friends and new partners in crime when they aren't looking this cute!

We took a brief but spectacular hiking trip to Yosemite's Tuolomne Meadows.  I spent a lot of time here in my youth so it made it that much better sharing it with my hubby.

Another fun day was spent with my almost daughter-in-law at a cooking class.  Frankly, we could both teach the class...she's an excellent cook....but, I just enjoyed the time with her.  Thanks, Leilani, for the invite.

October literally blew by as we celebrated hubby's birthday with his Italian rum cake and homemade lasagna!  And, my other love celebrated her 8th (?) birthday.

November brought Thanksgiving, of course, and I'm thankful for all family, friends, and the goodness that surrounds them.  The Christmas tree went up early this year...and she helped!

I was not happy or thankful about the past election this year and I don't want to sweep it under the rug.  It was ugly (and still is) and I wish someone else was flying around in that jet!

My cat displays my feelings best...a picture tells a thousand words!

 December rains gave us "the flood that never happened", thank God.

"Travel is good for the soul" - Wendy.   We flew off to Playa del Carmen before Christmas, wish I was there!

But, home we went for Christmas...time to spend with family.

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