Monday, January 11, 2016

Not Gone and Not Forgotten - 2015 In Review

Dear food blog,
Oh, how I've missed you!  I've neglected you for a few months, but, I promise you I have been eating and referring to you for recipes and inspiration.   Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went.  Food was plentiful.  It just didn't make it to these pages.  Historically, I've created blog posts that summarized the year in recipes and pictures.  This year I'll only touch upon the highlights....  The purpose of my blog was to catalog, if you will, some family recipes that I could refer to.  It was a task to even recreate a few because I've ALWAYS been one to NOT to use a recipe, unless baking a treat.  With that said, here is a recap of Food 2015!

With all the cooking I've done over the years (a long time) I still try to have a "bucket list" in the works.  The two that came to fruition this year were a flour less chocolate cake and a wild boar sauce tagliatelle inspired by an Italian journey several years ago.

Tagliatelle with wild boar sauce

Strawberry sheet cake with Lemon cream cheese frosting....the best cake I've EVER made

Roasted tomato the Deli

Broccoli cheese the Deli, again

Coconut shrimp scampi...a new experiment!

Maple pancakes...must be on Atkins

Garlic broccolini...why haven't I made this before?

Peruvian Mung beans...gotta travel somehow!

Christmas cannolis...a huge success (from scratch)

Winter soup for all this snowy weather!

So, although the actual blog postings were sparse this year, feel free to browse past recipes.  It's surprising to me still that I wondered how I could come up with more than 75 recipes to fill these pages.  After 5 plus years, Wendys Favorite Place has surpassed well over 500 posts and more to come!

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