Friday, August 8, 2014

Beet Gnocchi

Yes, you read that right!  As I mentioned in a much earlier post, I planted beets in my garden this Summer.  Well, either the seeds were bad or the animals that forage my back yard were very bad.  No beets, this year.  A few years back they thrived and wouldn't you know it, but I was on one of my diets that prohibited beets.  They have a high sugar content to them evidently!

I still wanted to try my hand at a new flavor of gnocchi.  Open the can of diced beets!  I'll leave you with the link of a previous post and make a few "suggestions" about making beet gnocchi.  Sweet potato or pumpkin are probably my favorite.  The link calls for 1 1/2 cups of sweet potato.  I wasn't sure of the outcome (I didn't want this experiment to go sideways).  I basically halved the recipe.  If after using a small egg the batter is too wet, just add more flour!  Gnocchi creating is very forgiving.

What I got was a nice subtle tasting beet gnocchi!  The appearance, however, I admit, looks like a familiar "pepto bismal" mauve.  If you can get past the color, enjoy!!

Sorry for such a long hiatus.  Glad to be back....this is my favorite place.

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