Thursday, June 19, 2014

How Does My Garden Grow?

Now that my vegetable garden has been planted it's time to sit back and watch it grow.  I wish it was that easy.  Usually, this is a full time job, watering, weeding, critter watching, double fencing  (booby trapping) almost every thing, but in a month or less I'll be feasting on recipes containing the following:

5 assorted squash, zucchini, etc.
2 butternut squash for the Fall.
4 tomato plants
Thai basil and Thai peppers
Lemon balm for seasoning and tea
Italian parsley
scallions (not having much luck with these)
arugula for salad and pizza
spinach (the first batch has finished, more to come in the Fall)
radishes (showing signs of rabbit interest)
mint, great for tea, ice cream, pasta salads and marinades
oregano  This comes back every year but I don't use much.
hops vines  A great ornamental fence covering vine.  Does anyone need it to make beer?
lavender   One of my favorites for just about anything
blackberries  This will need to be covered with netting...birds love these!
beets Newly planted.  I'll be making beet gnocchi soon!
Japanese eggplant  Trimmed by an eager double fenced.
cauliflower  A first for me.  One looks very promising if not found soon by Peter rabbit or Sam the squirrel!
chives  An old dependable for marinades and topping baked potatoes
Swiss chard  I don't think this will make it.
Lemon cucumber  These are especially good.
Lettuce  Last but not least an assortment of lettuce for salads....soooo fresh!

So, now you have it.  All I need are a few goats, chickens and a little man to take care of it all!

Look closely on both.  Rabbit birthing center in my main lavender bush. (above)
Unlucky rabbit trapped in tomato cage. (below)  Gardening is such a hoot!

The great thing about growing your own food is that you don't get the pesticides, etc.  I'll do this until I can no longer bend over!!

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