Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being Wined and Dined

I rarely go for over a week not writing something.  The usual suspect would be that I'm travelling to my bucket list places.  But, lately I've spent time with family, cooking and being wined and dined.

A week or so ago my sister surprised my mom for her 84th (!!) birthday.  Chris became my official meatball tester as a pot of sauce simmered away on the stove top.  She excelled at this job!  Then the feast of pasta and chocolate cake.  I think I got the "secret to the sauce" finally down!

Then, we were invited over to my son and his beautiful bride's home (newly remodeled) for a feast of barbecued ribs, mashed roasted cauliflower and grilled veggies, followed by a special flavor from Jingleheimer-Schmidt's reserve ice cream, Earl Grey .  Yum...I  love ice cream, but especially my son's.
Appetizers...avocado tomato bruschetta with balsamic glaze

Earl Grey ice cream

I'm not much for St. Patrick Day festivities, even though I am Irish.  I don't look good in green and I don't really care for corned beef.  But, I wanted the luck of the Irish to ooze into my being, so I partook in an annual St Patrick day dinner my mom and dad religiously have.  I really had to inspect my closet for a smidgen of green clothing.  (It was tough)  They put on a spread that any lucky leprechaun would be proud of.   I missed having the Irish coffee though, because this girl was driving and the police were out in droves!  I'll take a rain check on that!

All in all it's been a nice couple of weeks spending time with friends and family.  The weather is getting bearable and seasonably are starting to bloom, birds are singing and life is good...

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