Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Part Four - Thank You, Mirepoix

I may have mentioned or hinted that our home for a week in the South of France was a bit secluded.  Thank God for Mirepoix, a sizable village/town around a 30 minute drive.  It has at least two claims for fame that I witnessed.  One is that it is a very well preserved medieval town with its carved timber construction.  Very quaint!  Another claim is its "famous" apple festival (all things apple) which was held the weekend we were there.  In addition,  Mirepoix is also home to the equivalent of an upscale Walmart-like store called the Super U!  I found myself in the produce section the first day just staring at the displays in awe.  Beautiful varieties of fresh produce abounded.   Stopping by the seafood area was a sight and not smelly, and the selection process could take hours in their massive cheese section.  Yummy!  I was thoroughly impressed!

We did the apple festival and on other days we chose to make that a lunch stop on our way to explore the countryside.  Duck was ALWAYS on the menu and hubby usually gravitated to that entree.  On the day of the apple festival we stopped by an eating establishment that had less than stellar service.  I'm sure the waiter was having a bad day as the menus were practically thrown our way.  In his defense, it was extremely busy, however.....    The menu was hard to decipher (all in French, no surprise, but also no hint at what anything meant).  So, canard (duck) was a safe choice at this moment in time!  And I knew the word for fries.  When the order arrived it wasn't what any of us were expecting.  How can this be?  It had to be a mistake, right?  I didn't have the appetite for duck innards and icky potatoes.  Hmmm..should we summon the waiter or eat what was plopped in front of us?    We were saved when the crabby waiter guy proceeded to grab the crock of stomach lining and deliver it to a table elsewhere!  Whew!   Wrong table!   Our duck arrived.  What was this?  It looked like ground duck with spices wrapped under a blanket of duck skin....actually pretty tasty.

Duck Innards?  I didn't order this or did I?

That's more like it!

At two other restaurants the service was very good and the award for best cassoulet goes to Chez Paps.  Enjoy the pictures of our meals although pictures never do the real deal justice.  Stay tuned for more!

The BEST cassoulet

Selling confit at the apple festival

I'll have one of each!
Great fish dish

More chocolate mousse?  Bien sur!  (Of course!)

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